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Podiatry operating unit

The uniqueness of the Deneb podiatry unit is the double articulated and compensated arm that allows multiple positioning solutions, satisfying all the expectations and operational needs of the podiatrist who can work both sitting and standing, with the instruments always at the right height.

Moreover, Deneb configuration can be easily changed in a few seconds from right to left handed operator.

Deneb podiatry unit technical characteristics:
- structure made of steel treated against oxidation
- ABS-PMMA casings
- Italian and Swiss electronic boards
- possibility of adjusting the intensity of water and air
- safety system that excludes the simultaneous spray/suction function
- Hydro Stop: air flux automatically activated any time the micromotor stops working to avoid cross contaminations



2 large side drawers on the left side + chest of drawer: total modularity of all elements and unlimited possibility of combinations

Possibility to configure the podiatric unit with an additional chest of drawers.

Worktop in Corian BTS

Structure mounted on wheels for easy movement

Double arm articulated and compensated on three joints that allows wide excursions of the instruments’ tablet both on the horizontal and vertical plane.

Movable and ambidextrous Touch Screen 7’’ control panel with management of instruments and visualization of dynamic instrument activation, as well as wireless control of the Stern-Podia chair movements.

Spring tension arms with stop device instruments to reduce the effort of the doctor’s wrist. More patients can be treated with less effort.

Possibility of customizing the instrument tablet according to your operational needs

SL multifunctional pedal allows the progressive increase of the speed of both micromotor and turbine up to the pre-set maximum speed.

Chip Blower: air flux via direct pressure of the pedal lever

Choose the type of drawer that you prefer

Choose your color

Matte colors

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