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SMD designs, manufactures and certifies STERN PODIA medical devices for the podiatry field: podiatry units, podiatry chairs, grinding machines, thermoforming machines, furnitures and accessories.
100% Made in Italy medical devices intended for podiatrists who demand the best.


Since 1985 Stern Podia has followed a well-defined path to be synonymous with timeless prestige. Stern Podia creates high-quality medical devices for podiatric clinics and makes the podiatrist feel they are designed for his/her professional needs. Stern Podia in podiatry, understood as a science, aims to bring its contribution with innovative proposals and solutions. Ergonomics, occupational diseases and organization of the podiatry clinic find application, prevention and solution with Stern Podia.

Our history

In 1985 Stern Weber decided to create a division for the podiatric sector to transfer the know-how from the dental sector to the podiatric sector, this is how Stern Podia was born.

  • 1988-1992Universal podiatry chair and Clinic / Quasar podiatry unit

    Universal: the first podiatry chair with vertical lifting and indipendent leg-rests, as well as rotating structure with brake system with progressive effect. 1988 - World Congress of Podiatry - Rome - Stern Podia introduces for the first time the concept of “podiatry unit” on wheels including 4 elements: instruments, chest of drawer, worktop and lamp.
  • 1992-1998Vega 43 podiatry chair and Deneb podiatry unit

    Vega 43: evolution of Universal podiatry chair, is the first podiatry chair with completely reclining backrest. Deneb: first complete podiatry unit.
  • 1998-2002Vega L podiatry chair and Sirio podiatry unit

    Vega L: the first podiatry chair harmonic synchronization of the movements.
  • 2003Lunar podiatry unit and Arcadia podiatry chair

  • 2004Atlas podiatry unit and Pleion podiatry chair

  • 2005Lab X1 grinding machine

    Lab X1 grinding machine: is the first grinding machine equipped with shatterproof glass to avoid the exit of dust and without the need for a suction system.
  • 2007Chair/unit Wireless System

    System for the management of the podiatry chair directly from the podiatry unit with wireless system (without cable)
  • 2010Deneb podiatry unit with new compensated arm

    Deneb podiatry unit - 2010 version: the first podiatry unit in the market equipped with a compensated arm with wide excursions of the instruments’ tablet both on the horizontal and vertical plane
  • 2013Vega podiatry chair