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T Form

Thermoforming machine

Controlled by a microprocessor, T-Form thermoforming machine can work with 7 different programs which can be modified and stored from the operator

T-form thermoforming machine is equipped with:
- Separate vacuum pump
- Heating plan resistance 1200 watt power, 250° C, capable to shape carbon insoles
- High-temperature resistant silicone membrane (300° C) easy to change

The digital display show all functions , which can be customized by the operator:
- heating temperature
- heating time
- vacuum pressure
- vacuum time

Connections in the front allow you to connect the silicone bags to the T-FORM to make the insoles immediately.

T-form thermoforming machine can work with three different techniques:

  1. Direct impression (with load)
  2. Direct impression (without load)
  3. Thermoforming


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