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Sun Led lamp

Specifically developed for the podiatry field, Sun Led lamp creates a large lighting area.

The light is available in three different intensities controlled by a rheostat, which allows to increase the contrast of the work area, highlighting every little detail.

Sun Led podiatric lamp uses a light without infrared rays and therefore "cold", which guarantees great comfort to the operator and to the patient who does not perceive heat on the skin.

Since LEDs with high luminous flux and low energy consumption (about 15% compared to traditional lamps) mounted on the Sun Led lamp transform up to 80% of the energy into light and only 20% into heat emission, it is not necessary to use any cooling fan.

Class I Medical Device

Double articulated and compensated arm that allows an intuitive and ergonomic positioning of the light source, which thanks to the fluidity and the absence of friction can also be realized with one hand.


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