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wirelessCE 3/5 motori Single touch

The classic is by now the future.

Traditional elements and specific features of the Stern Podia chairs, are harmoniously integrated using a double telescopic lifting column that makes the Vega chair stand out through its unique design and style.

Therefore, the up and down movements are perfectly perpendicular to the ground, allowing to maintain unhaltered the geometry of the working area, a very important feature in some specific podiatry treatments.
The anatomically seat, renders the chair very comfortable; therefore in case of prolonged treatments, the patient will not feel any discomfort.



Leg rests



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4 models available

  • with double powered legrest
  • with double mechanical legrest
  • with single powered legrest
  • with single mechanical legrest


15 mm thick steel base, treated against oxidative stress and covered with an ABS casing with embossed stain-resistant finish. Structure with double telescopic lifting column, mounted on a 350° rotating element with Torlon® ball bearings.
Fasteners: all made of high-strength Stainless steel.

350° rotational movement of the structure on the base.

Progressive swing brake via foot control.


The NEW SINGLE TOUCH PEDAL allows to manage in a wireless and easy way up to 5 chair movements, depending on the chair model, to rapidly reach any desired position. It is equipped with three independent memories to recall the stored positions, plus the return to the initial position button.
The single touch system allows to activate the different movements with just a single pressure on the control buttons, to optimize comfort and performance.

All movemenst with double telescopic column with the seat at least 530 mm high, ergonomically favoring the approach to the patient and his discharge, with a maximum height of 930 mm. Rated lifting load 220 kg.

Movement of backrest angle 85° (-5°, -90°).

Movement of longitudinal tilt (trendelenbourg ) 32°.

All movements of the chair are activated with the Single Touch function:
In reaching a stored position all movements take place in sync, ensuring a fast response to the control.
Safety system that can be activated by the patient by pressing two red buttons placed on the sides of the seat. When activated, the system allows the immediate stop of the chair automatic movements.

Leg rests

Articulated leg rests with angular width of 30°+30°, mounted on telescopic slides with stroke up to 300 mm, tilting and vertically liftable with an amplitude angle of 90°, perfectly perpendicular to the ground in rest position. Maximum height reachable 1.350 mm (Extra-slides system).


Coaxial armrests with variable height with respect to the seat, in sync with the backrest angle. The parallelism between the armrests and seat is kept constant under all operating conditions. Due to clearance and operational requirements, coaxial lifting sets the vertical position of the armrests next to the backrest.


Upholstery in integral PVC that ensures maximum fabric resistance and elasticity. AVAILABLE WITH TWO-TONE UPHOLSTERY


Upholstery colours


Podiatric units with innovating technology, double articulated and compensated, and customizable with a wide range of colours and accessories.

Operating units


Patient chairs for high quality podiatric cabinet with movements designed for maximum operating flexibility and that can be customized in their features.

Patient chairs


Operating groups for Podiatry consisting of a patient chair and a unit.

Operating groups


Stools for the operator of the Podiatric cabinet.

Operator stools


Modular furniture line, operating lights and accessories for patient chairs.



Equipment for roughing and grinding of ortho podiatric materials and for thermoforming.