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laboratory LAB X2

Exclusive system for the roughing and grinding of any ortho podiatric material.

The total absence of dust exiting the operating zone, makes LAB-X2 one of a kind. By blocking expansion into the air of even the finest dust, it prevents the operator from inhaling harmful dust that, even with powerful suction systems, is not completely captured.

The decantation of "polluted" air inside the LAB X2 allows processing residues in a large containment bag easily accessible by simply opening the portal below the working space.
The morphological characteristics of LAB X2 allow its placement within the podiatry cabinet.

Electrical and mechanical safety of the operator is ensured by activating the grinder with a foot control, which allows the grinder to be stopped at any time and, in the event of a power failure, acts as an anti-reset device. The shatterproof glass not only gives excellent visibility but it also acts as a safety screen for the user.

The powerful neon lamp inside the box, protected by glass, ensures excellent visibility all over the working area.

Dimensions of the operating area, allow easier working, even on considerably large arches.

The advantage of not having suction motors considerably cuts down on noise levels and reduces running costs by 60%-70%.

The innovative system with two independent motors allows to have the working field always in a central position. A switch on the front panel allows selecting the desired motor to alternatively activate the abrasive wheel or the finishing brush.

Accessories included

Rubber expansion wheel, 100 mm wide.
Rubber expansion wheel, 30 mm wide.
Self- locking chuck.
Abrasive wheels for finishing.
Brush to remove dust.

Technical specifications

Grinder speed: 3.000 r.p.m.
Grinder power: 500 W.
Overall input: 550 W.
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 147x90x48 cm.
Cod. 4000150

Kit of 5 pcs. Abrasive rings coarse grind (40), 100 mm wide
Cod. 4000101

Kit of 5 pcs. Abrasive rings fine grind (60) 100 mm wide
Cod. 4000102

Kit of 5 pcs. Abrasive wheels for finishing (with abrasive insert)
Cod. 4000103

Kit of 5 pcs. Abrasive rings fine grind (60), 30 mm wide
Cod. 4000104


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