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wireless Touch ScreenControllo movimenti poltrona CE

Stern Podia brand values are all concentrated in a timeless unit.
Aesthetics, strength and simplicity. High 360° quality standards.
The perfect combination of ergonomics and advanced logic matches the daily practice of the podiatrist towards new reliability and safety thresholds.

The Deneb unit is capable of orienting the overall image of the podiatrist's cabinet and, as it can be customized with a wide range of selected colors, it fits in easily with all architectures.

Deneb is a cutting-edge product, both innovative in its features and choice of construction materials. An ambitious project whose visual impact is only the first surprise it keeps.

The double articulated and compensated arm allows the podiatrist an innovative approach in choosing the operating solutions available and better organizing the space around him/her. The virtuosity, elegance and simplicity of its movements in space allow multiple positioning solutions of the instruments, fully meeting all expectations and operational requirements.





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An ambidextrous unit just in a few simple movements.

Double articulated and compensated arm with high excursion for correct positioning of the instruments.

Adjustable instrument holder.

Spring tension arms with stop device instruments.

Ability to work standing or sitting with the instruments always at the right height.

New 7 "LCD touch screen monitor, simple and intuitive for the control and management of the work instruments, the switching on/off of the operating light, and the movements activation of the combined Stern Podia chair with wireless system, totally protected against electromagnetic interference or radio waves. New function allowing to select the exact model of the combined Stern Podia chair, for the specific control of the corresponding functions. Instructions and operator's manual available in several languages.

Foot control to manage instrument functioning.


Structure fully made of steel and epoxy powder coated.

New linear base that gives visibility to the wheels and lightness to the frame structure.

Stainless steel fasteners.

Corian BTS worktop.

Drawers with recirculating ball slide guides and servo-assisted locking.

Dust-proof gaskets – rounded inner corners for easy cleaning.

Wide choice of polycarbonate interior setting for drawers.

Possibility to match and customize one or more chest of drawers to the main chest of drawers.

Large storage compartments as appendages of the main chest of drawers.


3-function syringe: air, water, spray.

Possibility of combining different models of Bien-Air or NSK micromotors according to specific needs.

Midwest connection turbine with optical fibre and spraying device.

Integrated suction duct and coaxial nozzle applicable to the micro-motor.


Maximum speed of rotation.

Chip-blower, hydro-stop and forward inching of both micro-motor and turbine speed.

Suction or spray selection.

Continuous or intermittent mode (fast / slow) of the spraying device.

Safety device preventing the spray/suction functions from working simultaneously.

Prolonged and timed suction effect.


Podiatric units with innovating technology, double articulated and compensated, and customizable with a wide range of colours and accessories.

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