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Any position at any height.
Great angular displacements allow the chair to be positioned so that the backrest, seat and leg-rests are all placed on an ideally horizontal plane.

15 mm thick steel base, treated against oxidative stress and covered with an ABS casing with embossed stain-resistant finish. Structure, entirely made of steel treated against oxidative stress, mounted on a 350° rotating element with Torlon® ball bearings, covered with high-strength ABS+PMMA casings. Fasteners: all made of high-strength Stainless steel.

350° rotational movement of the structure on the base.

Progressive swing brake via foot control.

Pantograph-like vertical movement with the seat at least 490 mm high, ergonomically favoring the approach to the patient and his discharge, with a maximum height of 850 mm. Rated lifting load 220 kg.

Movement of backrest angle 75° (-15°, -90°).

Movement of longitudinal tilt (trendellenbourg) 32°.

Articulated leg rests with angular width of 30° -30°, mounted on telescopic slides with travel up to 300 mm, tilting and vertically lift able with an amplitude angle by 90°, perfectly vertical to the ground in the rest position. Maximum height reachable 1.340 mm.

Coaxial armrests with variable height with respect to the seat, in sync with the backrest angle. The parallelism between the armrests and seat is kept constant under all operating conditions. Because of operational requirements for clearance, coaxial lifting sets the vertical position of the armrests in correspondence of the backrest.

All movements of the chair are activated with the Single Touch function:

  • Dual control of the vertical movement
  • Dual control of the backrest tilt
  • Dual control of longitudinal tilt (trendellenbourg)
  • Controls for the automatic retrieval of memories (return to "0" and two customizable by the operator).
In reaching a stored position all movements take place in sync, ensuring a fast response to the control..

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