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Synthesis of elegance and comfort for your podiatry chair

Designed to ensure maximum comfort for both the patient and the podiatrist, ARCADIA podiatry chair has a pantograph structure in steel treated against oxidation and high-strength casings in ABS + PMMA.

The 350° rotating steel pantograph structure based on 260mm diameter ball bearings in Delrin® and the brake system with progressive effect , give maximum efficiency and operational ergonomics to this podiatry chair.

ARCADIA is confirmed as the top of the range also thanks to the attention to details: the internal insert of backrest and seat is made of steel and the cushions are made of polyurethane foam injected in a mold and foam thickness ergonomically differentiated. Ideal for any podiatric clinic, depending on the chosen model it can be equipped with 3, 4 or 5 motors.

To support the podiatrist in the daily activity Arcadia podiatry chair is equipped with 3 motorized movements: up/down, trendellenburg and backrest.


ARCADIA podiatric chair is always in ambidextrous configuration, to facilitate the manual skills of any podiatrist.



Technical Characteristics:
- min. height of seat: 510 mm
- max. height of seat: 890 mm
- Leg-rest angular inclination: 90°
- Backrest inclination: 75° (-15°, -90°)
-Seat tilt (trendellenbourg): 32°
- Leg-rests max. height: 1340 mm
- Podiatry chair weight: 110 kg
- Rated lift load: 220 kg

- Pantograph lifting system.

- 15 mm thick steel anti-tipping base

- 350° rotating structure with brake system with progressive effect

- “SAFETY STOP system” to be activated by the patient and the operator.

- Coaxial armrests that always remain parallel to the seat.

- Upholstery in hypoallergenic and self-extinguishing integral 2 mm PVC available in both mono and bicolor version.

All the positions you need

Possibility to reach the “examination table” position

Articulated leg-rests with side opening

Tilting leg-rests with an angular width of 90°

Extra Slyde System: up to 250 mm stroke

Wireless Single Touch foot control

with 3 storable positions and
automatic return to “0” position.

Choose your color

Choose your podiatry chair in mono or bicolor version

Matte colors

Bright colors

Stern Podia new upholstery



Models of Arcadia chair available

ARCADIA with double mechanical leg-rests:

- 3 motors
- Articulated leg-rests with 30° side opening, mounted on telescopic slides with Extra Slide system (up to 250 mm stroke)


Let's find together the right solution for you